Iron Range Tourism – Scuba Mesabi

This is a spot highlighting the incredibly clear water up on the range. I would never have guessed that Northern MN was a scuba diving hotspot, but working on this shoot made me a believer…. and the water clarity actually means that these lakes are warmer than you might think in the summertime. #MesabiIsMagic Enjoy!

“Official Rice Pudding Day” – Kozy Shack

Client: Colle + McVoy

A cute video made with Colle + McVoy for Facebook celebrating Kozy Shack’s “Official Gramma” and Rice Pudding Day.

Iron Range Tourism – Winter 2015

These outdoor winter shoots are just about my favorite. I know many of you will think I’m crazy, but I love being outside, in several feet of snow, testing my endurance and the limits of my gear. Fortunately, I live in the right place to get to spend a lot of time outside shooting in the snow.

Iron Range – the classic Minnesota Road Trip

Last summer I got to spend a couple of weeks exploring the Iron Range with my family…. the concept was simple: shoot it like a home movie, have fun with my family and capture that magic. We had a blast exploring rich Minnesota History and enjoying the incredible scenery that is the Norther Minnesota Wilderness.

Bluefin Bay Resort “Closer”

A video I shot for Bluefin Bay Resort – This is a 30 second spot that I had created by an intern to ‘jazz up’ the original, which was very laid back and featured more of Bluefin’s amenities. What a great place to spend time and a really fun shoot that say me strapped to a sail boat and shooting in 35° water in the same day.

3M “Get a Grip” Batting Gloves

Speedhound Bikes “The Jentastic Experience”

Bluefin Bay Winter 2012

Speedhound Bikes ‘The Tortoise and the Hurl’

Bluefin Bay Resorts