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Compilation Reel – 2017

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I have been making films and working in the video and television industry since 1997. As someone who has always been interested in powerful images and good story telling, I am fortunate to have a career that brings those elements together on a daily basis. My professional skill set can be best described as a film and video “Preditor”. I have experience in every role of filmmaking, from Producer to Editor, DP, and Director.

As a Producer, I have been lucky enough to work with many of the region’s best film and video professionals on a wide array of projects…. I have produced entire seasons of cable programming on FSN and have worked as a local production manager for a wide array of directors, including Academy Award Winning documentarian Alex Gibney.

As a Director, my work has been featured in several film festivals and has been seen by countless others on cable tv and the web. It is my goal to find myself working on increasingly meaningful projects that can have a positive impact on the world around me, while constantly striving to refine my craft.

As a Cinematographer, Shooter, and Photographer, I am consistently amazed by the limitless potential of the camera to make beautiful images and powerful statements. Probably my favorite part of the filmmaking process, shooting pictures that move has been my passion since I first picked up a Sears Super 8mm camera decades ago. Today, my gear includes a combination of Panasonic, Canon and Sony cameras and lenses, but my go to camera is the Sony FS700, which gives me the capability of shooting in 4K Raw at up to 240fps. I have a collection of tungsten lights that are perfect for most interview and small location settings, and I also have experience working with larger rental truck packages and many of the industries best gaffers.

As an Editor, my experience goes back to the days of cutting film, where I learned that story telling is an editor’s number one asset. I have over 12 years experience working with digital media in Final Cut Pro and the Adobe Creative Suite. My projects often include a combination of FCP, Premier, and After Effects. While I can find my way around the basic functions of AE like green screen, text generation and basic graphics, I leave the heavy lifting to motion graphics and animation artists.

My objective as a filmmaker is to bring quality stories to light, and to collaborate with others who are equally as committed to the creation of motion pictures.

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